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The Drafting Process

Drafting plans for residential projects is a six-phase process.

Phase 1 Consultation

We talk to you about what you need and what you want from your home. We consider function, character, image, space and all the other factors that affect how you will live in your home. We do a site analysis, and determine the scope of construction, budget and schedule.

Often we find alternatives to a client�s own ideas that better utilise space, minimise cost and provide a more satisfying result.

Phase 2 Design

This is the brainstorming phase. We develop concept diagrams and sketches, and provide you with a number of options to consider.

Phase 3 Re-assessment

We work closely with you to ensure the design will suit your lifestyle. Details such as furniture placement and window and door locations are looked at in this phase. The necessary amendments are made and final sketches produced.

Phase 4 Design Development

We produce the drawings needed for your building permit � plans, elevations and section drawings, etc. We translate the construction documentation and working drawings into the technical language of the contractor. These drawings and specifications detail all of the materials required, where they are to be located and how they are to be installed. We ensure that the work meets all the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and that local council regulations are met.

Phase 5 Coordination

Any necessary engineering computations are produced, and we make all contact with the engineer and other consultants to assist with any technical information they may require.

Phase 6 Final

We provide the building surveyor with all the documentation needed to obtain your building permit.






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